We all need a fresh start. This is mine.

     My name is Alfonso. I have been the owner of Camera64 for a little over seven years. Our original web-site Camera64.com was established in 2007 and waited in the wings until early 2009. I personally was very proud of my web site and all that it stood for, but boy have the times changed. It has grown out dated, kind of like me. I felt that a change was in order for the old web site and there is no better time than the present my grandfather always said.

    The photography business has changed in many ways, both for the good and the bad. For the past year I have spent many nights looking only at the bad. This has lead to many stressful nights as you might imagine. I will not speak for all but rather only from my own experience. Photography for me like most started as a hobby but soon became so much more. For me and my family it could not have come at a better time.  We were in some tough times to say the least, so it was almost heaven sent.

     Photography paid the bills for me, for many years. It was a hobby that I truly enjoyed. That is where the issue comes into play. I have been blinded by the fact that photography for me can no longer pay the bills. With that said, it was blinding me to the fact of why I even started in the first place. My love was to take and make good photos. I had lost my way and didn't even notice. Well today with a second part time job in place, I get back to what I LOVE photography.